A bit about Liz...

Liz Sofield is a textile and ceramic artist, creating geometric inspired artworks and ceramics, that expresses her love of patterns and rhythm. Transforming a tactile and meditative process of folding, hand stitching and crocheting. 

Trained in both interior and textile design, Liz established her artistic practice whilst living in a remote, mining town in Western Australia, where she lived for a short period of time. Liz found that quality art supplies were not readily available, so she turned to her textile making skills to create delicate artworks using simply paper and thread.

“When my son Liam was younger, he became obsessed with making paper planes. So I would sit with him and fold. To make sure my daughter Rosabella didn’t feel left out, I would fold paper flowers. This playing with the twins sparked a fascination with origami and I began combining it with my hand stitching.” - Liz Sofield

A New Zealander living in Australia: who misses Pohutukawa trees and jelly-tip ice creams from NZ, but for the past almost 20 years she has enjoyed the frangipani trees in Moreton Bay, Queensland, Australia, with her husband and their twins.